Tempris Wireless Temperature Sensors

Real-time, wireless, battery-free sensor system for product temperature measurement

LyoNavigator is proud to partner with Tempris GmbH to bring their breakthrough wireless lyophilization temperature measurement solutions to North American customers.

Please use the contact form below to inquire about how this technology can help your development and production processes. Or call our dedicated Tempris hotline at 845-514-3000.

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Use of Tempris® Wireless, Battery-Free Product Temperature Probes in GMP Production Lyophilization

About Tempris Wireless Temperature Sensor Technology

Tempris was developed for lyophilization in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies and universities in Europe and the United States. The same Tempris sensors used in laboratory scale can be used in pilot and production freeze-dryers under cGMP guidelines to obtain directly comparable data.

Tempris is ideally suited for integration into aseptic automated fill/finish production lines.

Our innovative wireless technology, as a PAT-Tool, makes your production process cost efficient and time saving with high product quality. Tempris’ uninterrupted continuous process verification (CPV) guarantees reliable quality and optimum productivity.

Please watch this short video to learn more about Tempris wireless sensor technology.

The Tempris North America Team

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